Top tips for Festival newbies

Don’t over pack – before the festival it always seems like a great idea to take everything but the kitchen sink but try to refrain from packing all your home comforts – you’ll be lugging your backpack around for hours so give your shoulders a rest and only take the bare minimum

Don’t take valuables – leave your gadgets at home. With the exception of your phone and wallet, don’t take anything you wouldn’t want to lose or get damaged

Pack these essentials – take wet wipes (these will be your own portable shower), sun cream, a waterproof jacket, wellies, antibacterial gel (this will be your soap) and toilet roll

Take cereal bars – and lots of them! They’re a low effort breakfast or great as a snack whenever you’re low on energy. Otherwise try to pack as little food as possible, you’ll find you’ll throw most of it away

It’ll probably rain – your nice shoes will get ruined so take wellies or boots. Plastic bags, bin bags or sealable sandwich bags are a great way to keep things dry

An extra layer, keep it dry – it gets cold at night so take a warm jumper or hoody and keep it in the driest place you can find. When it’s cold and wet you’ll really appreciate it

Hide some money – spread your money around a bit. In case your wallet flies out of your pocket when you’re going crazy in the dance tent, tuck some money into another pocket, your shoe or even your underwear – just make sure you remember it’s there when you go to the loo!

Tent pitching – don’t camp near to the toilets or too close to the path. Before you leave your tent make sure you take note of any landmarks nearby, when you come back you’ll find there’ll be a load of new tents that pop up out of nowhere and it’s especially difficult to find your tent in the dark, especially after a few drinks. Take a torch if you don’t have a flashlight on your phone

Stock up on water on the first day – once you’ve set up your tent, venture out and buy the biggest bottle of water you can find/carry. You’ll appreciate not having to trek for miles if the sun comes out one hungover morning when your mouth is as dry as a desert

Experience everything – check out the biggest acts on the main stage as well as some you’ve never heard of before. Fill in the gaps between bands by making friends and sharing photos on JiveMap. JiveMap is a location based social network allowing you to share and engage with everyone around you at the festival, share your festival photos and also keep in touch with friends. Just make sure you download the free app before heading to the festival to save that mobile data